May 11th, 2008


The Grammar Laurel did not come fully formed from Zeus' head

or perhaps I did, depending on how you define Zeus.

Surprise! My father showed up this weekend and was charming (as opposed to my mother, who was not, but that's another story, and not worth telling). In the discussion with my father, where we were congratulating each other that we Googled well, my father confessed that he has acquired quite a reputation among his colleagues as the Grammar Policeman.

I thought that particularly hilarious based on the timing of my last post. We must have spent a good ten minutes attempting to one-up each other with horrible common grammar and non-words. (I so wish I'd had some of the corkers from the comments in my last post! I had to take a hot shower after reading what you all wrote. You're all going to hell.) He physically recoiled from "orientate," as if I'd used a cattle prod.

Special highlights:
10 items or less fewer
less fewer calories
should of have
he pleaded pled guilty (damn you, AP!)
if I was were President

Guess I know where I get it.