August 23rd, 2008


Let's ruin something ELSE I like! Yay!

Duralex Picardie bistro glasses. Who knew anyone else liked them?

I grew up with these things. My first husband made fun of me for my "stupid glasses, won't even hold a whole beer," and he wasn't the only one. All my life I've taken crap for preferring to drink out of the cheap glass that fit my hand, and that reminded me of the places in my childhood that I loved. These stupid things were in my grandmother's house, her ambassador friends' houses, our artist friends' houses, anybody who'd travelled the world, I drank out of them all over France. They make me happy. So I like a cheap European cafeteria glass. Seems a harmless thing, right?

I'm moving into a brand new house with an artist husband who appreciates good industrial design as much as I do, and one who won't make fun of me for my "stupid glasses." Hell, The Man didn't own a fucking pan before I came to visit -- he'd be happy if I brought a box of Taco Bell cups. What a perfect opportunity to ditch the glassware I hate and fill in with more Picardie. I'm drinking out of one right now. They've made it through every move, they're almost impossible to break. I love them. Last time I bought them, there was no internet, it was that long ago, so this time, it ought to be easy, right?

Somewhere along the line, unbeknownst to me, they became trendy and every trendy idiot has them. WORSE, the company went kaput last month and now they're harder than hell to get. AAAAAAAAAAAGH. And I can't get them. They're going on eBay for a fricking fortune. Why, God, why?

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The glass thing, now that's just not fair. I really, really wanted them. Not the new revised "stacking" version, yuck. But the classic Picardie. Le sigh.