May 20th, 2009


Actual Dinner Discussion

Myself and a friend in a noisy restaurant, waiting for a third to join us. I am stupidly attempting Small Talk for no discernible reason, and have just asked my companion what her conference served for lunch. Keep in mind we have to yell over the background noise. It doesn't help that I don't care what she ate...

Me: Wait, what? euw
She: I thought you liked hummus
Me: Oh, hummus. With an H.
She: What did you think I said?
Me: Pumice. I thought maybe it was like some trendy drink, you know.
She: What the hell kind of drink would that be?
Me: A "Sandblaster." In the South, they'd make it with gin. In New York, you'd have to order a Vodka Sandblaster.
She: o_O. You really were a bartender too long, you know?
our third joins us
Third: Hey, whatcha talking about?
Me: Gin and hummus.
Third: What's that, a "Suicide Bomber?" You know, in the South, they would make it with gin...
She: Has everyone been a bartender but me?
Me and Third in unison: ayup