August 29th, 2009

flying pig

Buy Our Crap Meme

I love how everybody is delicately referring to the fact that none of us have any money and are making tasty nutritious snacks out of old cardboard boxes from Depression-era recipes as "The Economy."

So, in the spirit of hoisting ourselves up with our own shoelaces ("two shillings the pair, mind if I sell you a couple?"), if you have an online store, auction, or website where you sell your own stuff, add it to top of the list and pass it on. Yay! Free promotion and you make your f-list artists happy. Or promote a friend, that's cool too.

Part two, browse the links and see how enterprising your f-list is. You might even find something you like. ;)

ladycaviar doing her best on CafePress

ladycaviar selling her soul on eBay

Nuthatch fun stuff on CafePress (gochildren_of_lir !)

The amazingmrq_laurellen 's Renaissance Tailor
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