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screw you, Stan Lee

Saw Iron Man tonight. I really liked it as a movie, seriously. Except for the same reason I hate most movies.

Where is a female role I can sink my teeth into? Ok, so I get that Stan Lee likes redheads. But why do his women stand around, long-suffering, and wring their hands, helpless? I could scream. The last woman I liked was Julie Newmar's Catwoman -- and even then, she pissed me off.

Why is it that strong women throughout history either are considered ball-busting bitches, or end up somehow horribly humiliated, or have to stay virgins all their lives, or are treated like they're stupid or crazy or ineffective? Oh fuck that. Where are my role models? Where are my conquerors? Do I have to be the first? Goddammit.

The only character I actually identified with was the government agent. Now there's a dude I liked. Yeah, just like me -- everybody underestimates us until you need us to save your fucking ass at the last minute, calmly and without the fucking drama, and please notice we blew just as much shit to hell with what we had in our pocketsess, yes....

Please feel free to list decent female characters throughout history who get ranked up there with the men. Oh, do I hear crickets? Seriously, I'll take fictional, too. Still crickets? Yeah, I thought so.



May. 22nd, 2008 07:30 pm (UTC)
Does it matter?
Women in comic book movies are over rated anyway... once they got rid of spandex for the XMen, I didn't see the point of having any female characters in any comic book movie. Its not as if they can do what they're good at ~ like get the important men a beer or a bj ~ that would change the ratings too much. The entire story line with Ms. Virginal Secretary could have been dropped from Iron Man without a single thing being missed from the average audience member. You see, Hollywood is just keeping chicks out of their strongest roles because they can't solve the Madonna/Whore conundrum. What we need is a good strong movie about how slutty Jesus' mom used to get... then you'd have something to sink your teeth into...