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Now is the time on Shprockets when we scream

Good news: I finished something, anything. By which I mean I solved the design problem of a knotwork yinyang, see icon. I should be dancing and wooting.

Bad news: It's unfortunately THAT SIZE. My head, I bangs it against the desk.

Ah, lovely new CS3, for which I have waited long, my preciousss, I hate your default settings. I have not beaten you into submission like your predecessor CS2 and broken you to my will -- which means that instead of my lovely new artwork being of a useable size and to spec, the source file is three inches high because I wasn't paying attention. Fuck. I now must spend my anal retentive obsessive compulsive mad skillz fucking with this goddamned thing in upsize and cleanup aghaahahaghaahaghahaghaghaghaghgh.

So now you too, little knotwork, join the pile of art jobs that are no longer sources of joy to me but tedious cleanup work long past deadline. Along those lines, if I never see another rubber duckie logo it will be far, far too soon.

My enamel documentation gets PDF'd (thank you strange Opie and the arrival of the long awaited CS3) but noooooo I can't upload it because of problems with my "internet provider." Who happens to be my brother, my real brother, who gets pissed when I call him only when I want some internet thingy and not to get updated on like, oh say, his life, or my nieces, because I am a horrible misanthrope. And as I sit there, I find more things that really need to be added to the documentation and it needs to be re-PDF'd. Onto the pile.

I spend forever fixing the cafepress items that have been requested over the year, and as I'm going over the list, I realize I spent a week doing the wrong ones. Pile.

I don't even know where the lists of non-digital jobs have gotten to. And look, I've typed aghaahahaghaahaghahaghaghaghaghgh so much the g key has flipped off the keyboard. Yay.

Remember, crazy artist-types can't actually hurt you through the internet if you post a comment like, "Hey, that reminds me, have you made my [insert name of thingy here] you were going to do [insert deadline passed some hilarious length of time gone]?" In fact, that just might save them from chucking some rather expensive equipment out the window.

Can't sleep, art gnomes will eat me.

Interesting factoid of the day: Celtic knotwork isn't really Celtic. It's Viking knotwork. Pure Celtic artwork is all circles and dots, spirally stuff.
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