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I can't stop asking WHAT THE HELL?

What the hell?

Keene artist had hard time getting back into US

Staff Writer

KEENE VALLEY -- Keene Valley resident Jerilea Zempel was detained at the U.S. border this summer because she had a drawing of a sport-utility vehicle in her sketchbook.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers told Zempel they suspected her of copyright infringement. [italics mine]

She was released after more than an hour in custody at the Houlton, Maine, port of entry from New Brunswick, Canada.

Her release came only after she persuaded border guards she was an artist doing a project that involved a crocheted SUV as a statement against America's dependence on oil and love for big vehicles.  [oh go on, you know you want to read the rest of it now, it's like a train wreck, it's too late to avert your eyes now, ahahahahahhaha]

I can't wrap my mind around this on so many levels.
First, she had to think of something this craptastic and idiotic and draw it out.
Then, someone had to go looking for it.
Then, they had to think it looked like somebody else's work -- like the famous one? implying there's more than one of these horrors in the world?
And the detainment just boggles my mind.

For ten minutes, I was incapable of forming full sentences.
A car cosy what? what the hell?
she what the hell?
what what the hell?
copyright infringewhat the hell?
what what oh my god what I can't what did they what was she what the hell?
read the part what the hell?
[a small intermission for full-on cackling laughter]
Was this the Canadian border what the hell?
I don't understand the what the hell?
Oh god. Oh god.

Oh send me that link. I'll be right back...
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