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I be famous and shit now, maybe

The Mongoose called me recently and wanted pointers on establishing a "web presence." Yeah, right? Like I'd know? I told him to read the Wired article on Julia Allison.

But it reminded me that I've accumulated a lot of "friends" that I don't know. So I've kept the ones that seem cool (I bleevs you're reading this) and dumped some others. I wiffle-waffled about changing this to a "friends-only" journal, but since that kinda negated the point of having a place where I spout my arguably fabulous humor for the dubious benefit of humanity, instead I manually went through all my LJ entries and locked them individually if they needed it. Gah, I wish I'd thought of that 165 entries ago.

Next project: torin3 tells me that my custom mood icons aren't working. Dammit, I knew that. More time for me in the trial and error school of Learnin t' Interweb for Idiots.
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