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sleeping and drooling, doped to the gills

For a dude who's supposed to be knocked out and resting, he sure did a lot of stomping around the house (ok, with quite a bit of falling over that I agreed to pretend never happened because of the Dignity Clause I signed with his Cat Attorney). I was also warned that he wouldn't want to eat, but again, Z has his own ideas about things and scarfed more food than he's eaten in days. He didn't stop until I shot him full of painkillers/wobbly juice. You can see the results below, as well as the matching shaved bracelets on his arms for the IV and blood pressure cuffs which leave the vague impression that he has fried chicken legs.

They told me he kept messing with them while he was in recovery: he'd appear to be sleeping, but he'd wait until someone leaned over to check the dog in the cage underneath his, and then he'd let out the loudest MAO -- which would startle the attendant into banging her head on the shelf. Apparently, this happened multiple times and to more than one attendant. The vet staff said, "It's almost like he did it on purpose... haha." Almost, hell. They don't know The Z.

I was pretty sure the little guy wasn't ready to cash in his cat chips just yet. Thank you to everybody who sent good thoughts and prayers for him -- it made all the difference and I finally heard him purr back tonight. :)



Aug. 25th, 2010 07:51 pm (UTC)
Brit Kitties are tres joyeux that Mr, Z is well on the road to recovery and send him purrs and meaows of well wishes.