ladycaviar (ladycaviar) wrote,

You had me at giant sturgeon...

I've been watching the English language broadcast out of Beijing because, well, our cable provider has it. The news makes no sense whatever, but the travel and history programs are awesome if you're interested in China at all.

The history of silk thing was to die for, and right now I'm watching some archeology thing on these digs of 4,000-6,000 year old shamanic cultures which are remarkably similar to Native American cultures. Go figure, land bridge and all. What got me was in the telling of a story about one of this culture's leaders, who supposedly (with the help of his four wives) rode a giant sturgeon down the river to unite the Yulin and Eloi peoples in peace for hundreds of years, they felt a need to say this:

"Scholars warn that this may not be a historically accurate account."
Tags: hilarity

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