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explain some things to me here

I was at a craft store the weekend before last, attempting to match yarn to a sweater. Next to my aisle, there was a couple in the Halloween decoration section, loaded up with cheap Halloween crap and selecting more. The man was holding a large styrofoam tombstone, and giving his girlfriend a hard time. She was trying to help him choose another, but he was being really picky.

"No, I don't want two the same," he snapped at her. "That would be a waste of money."

I thought this was obvious but I'm beginning to lose my mind. So far, everyone I've recounted this to has stared at me patiently waiting for the punchline. rejected it as "neither stupid nor funny." Is it only me, or are styrofoam tombstones themselves not a usual component of a solid investment portfolio, making the phrase "waste of money" eye-twitchingly redundant? Where is queued when you need him?

Please tell me I have a kindred spirit out there who gets me...


Oct. 18th, 2010 12:58 pm (UTC)
I giggled.